Blue Crabs

These small blue crabs are not only unique and beautiful looking but they are meant to be one of the favourite varieties of crab available. The are mainly caught within the Mid Atlantic region and more specifically in Chesapeake Bay, all the way to Florida and along the Gulf States.

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There is nothing like the hearty sweet taste of blue crab. It is different than other crab meats and the flavor stands out. Once you have tried it, it will become your favorite. Now you can buy blue crabs online to enjoy on your table no matter where you live.

Retailers: There are several sites that offer the sale of blue crab that you can buy. Some require a wholesale license and only sell to restaurants for resale. Other sites will send you crab no matter who you are. Look around online and search for the sites that will sell to you in smaller quantities if you are want it for your home use.

Choices: You can find different sizes of blue crabs for sale. There are varieties as well. Some are smaller in size, others are medium sized and others are jumbo sized.

Blue Crab

Sex: Some people may want female crabs only. There are sites that sell specific to sex as well. If you do not care what the sex it then the price will be better. But you can get a quote and have only female blue crabs sent to you.

Live: There are sites that offer to send you live blue crabs. They may however offer to send to you already boiled. Typically, if you buy crab online you will pay more to have it shipped to you already boiled. But for many they would rather have it this way than deal with a crab that is still alive.

Cooking blue crab is just as easy as cooking any other type of crab. You can steam the crab or boil it. You will want to ensure that you completely cook the meat all the way through. Several videos exist online that will give you an excellent tutorial on how to cook your blue crab effectively so it reaches perfection every time.

If you have had blue crab in a restaurant before you know how delicious it is. Get it at home or for your own restaurant today by ordering it online in a simple and easy way. When you go to buy blue crab in this manner make sure you check the delivery options so you know if it is coming to your home or you may have to pick it up at the airport. Enjoy the succulent taste of blue crab and get a great price for it when you buy blue crabs online.

For those who don't know much about the Blue Crab or have even heard of the Blue Crab, there are differing opinions by many people who consume them. Lets have a short insight into this species and some true facts regarding them. 

Many individuals say that the Blue crab is simply too much work for one self as there is not a great deal of crab meat available for the work that has to be put in. It is true that there is not a lot of meat as the typical Blue crab will only yield approximately 10-15% of its body weight. The crabs grow by moulting their old shell allowing a new softer shell to grow under the current one. This crab is often referred to as the peeler or shedder. Many people who are a fan of crab meat will only consume the soft shell.

Types of crab meat within the Blue Crab 

Lump meat is specific to the Blue crab and is the most expensive meat from this crab. This meat can be found next to the back fin.
The back fin is the white body meat including lump meat as well as flakes. Many recipes that use this meat are the infamous crab cakes and crab imperial.

The delicate and tasty flake meat can also be used for crab cakes, soups, dips, casseroles, coleslaw's and much more.

The claw meat from the blue crab is most typically used for crab dips, soups and salsas.







General Blue Crab facts:

Callinectes sapidus means "Beautiful swimmer that is savory". 
These crabs reach maturity as early as one to one and a half years old. 
Not many of the Blue Crabs live longer than 3 years. 
The biggest crabs recorded have been up to 10-11 inches. 
The yearly fishing of Blue Crabs from Chesapeake bay accounts for over 50% of American Blue Crab consumption.
The younger blue crabs are eaten by Larger ones which can reduce their numbers and prevent them from growing. 








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