Crab Cooking Methods

Simple and Fast ways to get your Crab Cooked

OK, for a start your not actually cooking the crab meat but simply re-heating it, this is how easy the Cooking Methods are. As we have previously described, when you buy crabs, they will more than likely be pre-cooked, packed and frozen. So you are heating and dressing the crabs as you desire. 

There are many Cooking Methods for Crab and many people will debate on the best method. The real method though is the one that is best for you. So experiment with the various methods and evolve your favourite style of cooking your crab meat.

A lot of people don't like to have excess juices with their crab meat and so prefer cooking in ways that reduces this such as grilling, putting in the oven or even broiling them. Again though however, all this will depend on your preference.

Thawing Crab

The first step to cooking your crab is thawing them. This should be done overnight within the refrigerator, however, if you don't have time for this, give them a run under cold water for a length of time until thawed. To check that the meat is thoroughly thawed, squeeze the thickest lump of meat to check that it is soft.

Cooking CrabSteaming

With the meat wrapped in cling-film/plastic film, steam your crab for approximately 5-9 minutes.


Boiling your crab meat allows you the space to add spices, herbs and other flavorings to the water allowing a fusion of taste to enter your meat.


You wouldn't actually be baking but simply heating in the oven. This method is very handy as it allows you to cook large amounts at once, for situations such as parties et cetera. Wrap the crab meat in foil then create a hole in the top allowing the steam to exit.

Bake the frozen crab at approximately 450 for 12-18 minutes. If the crab is thawed, then reduce the time to approximately 7-10 minutes.


Wrap the thawed crab in kitchen roll or paper towels and microwave on full power for a couple of minutes.


Similar to cooking in the oven, wrap the crab in foil but only this time leave it sealed. Cook on medium heat for 13-15 minutes. Grilling is slightly more trickier as you don't know the exact heat, so make sure to keep an eye on them.


Place the crab meat on a cooking sheet and place away from the broiler by approximately 6 inches. Cook for 6-7 minutes. Again the cooking times may vary but a bit of common knowledge will tell you when they are ready.

Flash Fry

Flash fry your crab meat for literally a couple of minutes until cooked. Again this is handy as you can experiment with oils, herbs, spices and many flavorings to make your ideal crab dish.

Remember you are only heating them so the cooking times wont be long so enjoy.

Cooking Methods

Now try some Recipes for all the varieties of crab you can get your hands on.


Cook Crab

Cook Crab