Crab Varieties

 There are many crab varieties that live in our waters. In fact there are over 4400 different varieties out there. However, there are some specific species that we tend to eat more than others.

   Crab Varieties

The main types of crab are known as the;

  1. Blue crab 
  2. Dungeness crab 
  3. Horseshoe crab 
  4. Green crab
  5. King crab 
  6. Peekytoe crab 
  7. Peeler Crab 
  8. Rock crab 
  9. Snow crab 
  10. Spider crab
  11. Stone crab 

Some of these are consumed more than others due to availability. None the less, they all have distinct flavors and can make really tasty recipes.

Blue Crab

These small blue crabs are not only unique and beautiful looking but they are meant to be one of the favourite varieties of crab available. They are mainly caught within the Mid Atlantic region and more specifically in Chesapeake Bay, all the way to Florida and along the Gulf States.

Dungeness Crab

The Dungeness Crab, like the other crabs is delicious and has the typical qualities such as low fat and plenty of Omega 3 oils. These crabs are very healthy and good for the people on diets. 

Green CrabCrab Types

The European Green Crab is known as an invasive pest in many parts of the world. However, this little creature is still edible and tastes great.

Horseshoe Crab

Horshoe Crabs are not very often on a menu. The eggs and roe are edible, however, the meat is not.

King Crab

The King crab is named the King Crab for a reason. Its huge size rules over all crabs and provides some of the most tastiest crab dishes available. Due to these properties, the King crab has been over fished in the past reducing the numbers by almost 60%.

Peeler Crab

The Peeler crab Indicates the present state of a Crab undergoing a Moult. As crabs have hard shells, their growth is limited, thus certain kinds require a moult. When Crabs are in this state, they are highly sought after for both fishing and eating.

Rock crab

This crab lives within the Rocks, hence the name Rock Crab. They also provide some good crab dishes and are more readily available.

Snow Crab

The Snow crab is very popular these days among restaurants and the food industry. Not only does it have a very sweet flavour but it is not as expensive as other crabs due to the versatility and high numbers which are available.

Spider Crab

The spider crab is a huge crab and can be eaten like any other crab.

Stone crab

The stone crab is unique and is identified by the very dark claws which include red and yellow bands. They eat oysters thus have large claws for pinching. They are found among oyster habitats, jetties and other rocky areas. This crab is also unique in the fact that only the claws are eaten.









Crab Varieties

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