Fresh Crabs Delivered to You


From their bodies to their claws, crabs are definitely mouth-watering seafood, crabs with their every part teeming with delicious and succulent meat. That’s why crabs are beginning to gain popularity throughout the globe.

Fresh CrabWhile there are numerous restaurants and manufacturers offering cooked and flavored crabs to their  customers, the market is still dominated by fresh crabs. Fresh crabs are typically harvested from the oceans or seas, and then they are delivered immediately to the buyers. This method ensures that customers like you receive only the best, fresh crabs delivered directly to you.

Also, fresh crabs are unflavored, with no preservatives added to guarantee that you will taste the natural flavors of crab meat you desire. Besides the wonderful taste crab meat is famous for, it is considered highly nutritious.

It contains several important vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, including omega-3 which nurtures the body’s immune system and aids in the prevention of fatal diseases such as cancer and heart attack. Indeed, fresh crabs delivered to you yields more benefits for your health than for your taste buds.


Through the years, purchasing fresh crabs had improved in so many different ways. Before, customers will have to go through all the hassles of buying seafood from the supermarkets or directly from the manufacturers. However, with today’s technology, you can have all the fresh crabs delivered instantly to your doorstep! Through online ordering, you can just search for the best fresh crabs’ website in the Internet, key in what type of crab you are looking for, place your order and then, wait for the crabs to be delivered to you. Imagine all the convenience! Remember to include the complete payment and delivery details to your order.


Why Get Crabs Delivered?

 Purchasing fresh crabs via mail order is also an excellent way to buy your seafood. In this method, fresh crabs are usually shipped and delivered to you overnight, which is quite fast. To order, call your store’s numbers and give your order. The numbers of certain stores and manufacturers are posted on their respective websites. Most of them offer delivery of fresh crabs throughout the country, while some are available only on particular areas or location. Don’t forget to say the specific type and size of the fresh crabs you are ordering.

Fresh crabs delivered to customers like you are usually contained in Styrofoam boxes, with gel packs to ensure the freshness of the crabs. Also, they are placed on plastic liners, to prevent water leakage and preserve a cold temperature.

There are several types of fresh crabs to choose from. In order to get what type of crab you really want, you have to familiarize yourself with the varying characteristic and tastes of these crabs. Perhaps, the most popular type of crab is the King Crab, which has further types namely: Red, Blue and Golden King crab. Although there is no real comparison between these three types of King crabs since they are all scrumptious, many people agree that the Red King crab is the most delicious crab in the world. With its sweet and juicy meat, the Red King Crab captured the hearts of even the richest customers and gourmet enthusiasts all over the globe. On the other hand, Golden and Blue King crabs are still delectable, it all depends on your own taste. King crabs are characteristically the largest type of crabs, with its usual weight amounting to 20 pounds. King crabs, when cooked, produce the most flavorful crab meat you could ever imagine.

Other types of fresh crabs you can check out are the Dungeness and Stone crabs, which are also a must-have to your meals. These types have several varieties too. They are classified according to the location where they are harvested.


Fresh Crabs Delivered


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