Cooking Frozen Crab Claws


Crab claws are typically the scariest part of crabs. These are the body parts crabs use to snap at their victims, which most of the time are humans. Ironically though, these are also the same crab parts that people really enjoy devouring.


Crab claws are usually included in the menus of famous restaurants worldwide, available either as a main meal or an accompanying treat.

Despite it’s being mostly made up of shell, crab claws still has some meat to offer, and that definitely is delicious and irresistible. Also, crab claws act as mouth-watering side dishes perfect for every kind of meal. Indeed, it is one treat you’ll never regret buying.

While it is more convenient getting your crab claws cooked and ready-to-eat, it’s still more exciting to just order frozen crab claws from your chosen store and cook it yourself!

Frozen crab claws from your favorite store definitely taste better than the ready-to-eat ones. Since you are in-charge, you can control the flavor of your crab claws according to your taste.

Crab Claws

Furthermore, several gourmet experts agreed that frozen crab claws have the most succulent meat of all types of claws that can be purchased in the market or in the Internet.

Here are some tips from the ordering to the preparation process of yourfrozen crab claws:


·     The types of crabs and their claws 

There are several types of crabs, and just as much as their claws. It is important that you know their different characteristics since they also vary in tastes. One of the most common crab claws is from the Stone crab. Stone crabs can be easily harvested from the ocean. Although there is a very minimal amount of meat that can be acquired from their claws, Stone crabs are still widely harvested for their regeneration abilities. Once Stone crabs are retrieved, their claws are removed from their bodies, and then they are returned to the ocean. After 12 months, these crabs are able to regenerate their claws, enabling commercial fishermen to harvest them again. These kinds of crab claws are best when they are boiled. Another type of crab with its claws is the King Crab. King crab is also famous for its savory crab legs perfect for roasting. The same goes for its claws, which are quite as tempting as their adjoining legs.

·      Order/Purchase 

Upon ordering, make up your mind as to what type of crab claws you will purchase. Also, there are three ways in which you can buy your frozen crab claws; mail order, online and purchasing it from a supermarket or store. In mail order, you will call the store of your choice, then, you will give them the delivery details. Crab claws will finally be shipped to your home. Online purchasing, which is the fastest and easiest way to get your crab claws, is done by clicking in the website of your desired manufacturer. Pictures of their products are flashed on the site and it is up to you to select which type of crab claw you like.

·     Preparing Frozen crab claws 


The simplest way of preparing your crab claws is by boiling. It may be very easy, but

you are guaranteed of a yummy meal afterwards. Place your crab claws in a deep pan,

boil them for about three minutes, cool and serve.


Microwaving your crab claws will definitely increase the appetite of your whole family!

Put your crab claws in a microwaveable container. Cover it with paper towels and

place the container in your microwave. Heat them for about three minutes in high


Roasting is another way to highlight the original flavor of your crab claws. Just pre-heat your oven to 420 degrees F. Put your crab claws on a roasting sheet and set them inside the oven. Heat them for approximately 5 minutes.

Frozen Crab Claws 

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