Crab Health Benefits

 The majority of people these says are not on a healthy diet and don't realize the Health Benefits of this. In fact they are not even close to consuming the healthy benefits of ingredients available within this era. A great way to start a  diet which will always satisfy on taste would have to be a seafood diet that will undoubtedly consist of a multitude of health benefits.

  It’s very low in calories and fat.

Crab meat on a calorie counter strikes top marks. An eight ounce serving of crab meat only has a 196 calories with under four grams of fat. Now this size of a portion would be enough for 2 people making it healthy and good to go for any diet.

Disregarding the low calories, crab meat can be a filling food course by any ones standards due to its high protein content. With the low calorie and fat content, a single serving of crab can mount up to twenty - twenty five grams of protein.

This is beneficial for the likes of bodybuilders et cetera who are tired of the same tuna fish. As well as this, the option is good for diabetics who require a carb free diet.

High in Omega 3 fatty acids

Crab meat is possibly one of the best sources of Omega 3-fatty acids which has the ability of lowering triglyceride's and blood pressure. The possibilities of heart attacks and other heart diseases are minimised. These omega fatty acids are also thought to enhance the immune system, inflammation and decrease the probability of various cancers.

 Low in Mercury

A big problem with the seafood diet is possible high levels of mercury which causes concerns for people. The good news is that crab is low in this element, especially the Mid-Atlantic Blue crab. This makes it a good choice for the entire family as it is considered to be one of the safest forms of seafood with regard to mercury levels.

To put aside this worry, crab lump meat is rich in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B-12. This vitamin is essential within any diet with important relations to nerve and motor function.

Although we have mentioned that crab meat is difficult to access, it should be available at your local seafood market, and if this ain't the case, you can buy it frozen or in cans. 

Nutritional Value from Crabs: Crabs just happen to be populated with potassium, sodium and phosphorus along with calcium & magnesium and finally minute amounts of iron, copper, selenium, zinc, and manganese.

Vitamins Within Crabs: Crabs provide a good source of vitamins including A, B, C, riboflavin, naicin, thiamin and pantothenic acid traces of folate.

Calories within Crabs: 200g of Crabs has 175 calories. This is small in comparison to other foods.

Healthiness of Crabs: Provide high quality protein content which are essential for any diet. There is also a good level of Omega 3's that help reduce heart problems and a high level of quality muscle. The vitamin A that can be found in crabs is good for eyesight.

These benefits should be more than enough to get anybody to eat crab and fit it into their diet. As well as being delicious, it will help the body in many ways. This type of food doesn't have to be boring as there is so many methods of cooking it and serving it with different dressings and dips making it endless with what you could do. 

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Cook Crab